The AIRFLOW-3 Clinical Trial is investigating a procedure for the treatment of COPD: Targeted Lung Denervation (TLD), which may have the potential to reduce COPD flare-ups.

COPD flare-ups are driven by over-active airway nerves in the lungs that cause mucus and airway tightening [3, 4, 5].

The goal of TLD treatment is to disconnect many of the airway nerves at the point where they enter the lungs. This may have the potential to reduce the number and/or severity of COPD flare-ups [6, 7, 8].

You will be asleep during the procedure. The procedure takes about one hour and is performed in a hospital as an outpatient procedure.

Most patients are able to return home the same day of the procedure.

All study related visits and tests are provided at no cost to you.

Is TLD for me

You may qualify for the trial if

  • You have COPD and are taking regular (daily) medication to manage your COPD
  • Your COPD symptoms bother you often or much of the time
  • You are at least 40 and not older than 78 years old
  • You are not currently smoking (and will continue to not smoke)
  • You have been hospitalized or taken additional medications because of COPD flare-ups in the past year

These are not the only eligibility requirements for this study and certain other criteria may exclude you.

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